Catch feels with sunflower fields

Happy Monday friends!

With us leading such busy lives and society juggling more things than ever nowadays, I wanted to post a friendly reminder to STOP and enjoy the little things that bring you joy and peacefulness more often. Whether that’s a few minutes of something every day or one whole day a week just for you, it’s a must for our sanities and well-being.

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The sunflower fields in Deer Park, WA are so tall and vibrant and full of joy. They make you feel wild and free. I loved sharing this moment with my family. Watching my daughter run around with no care in the world and genuinely so happy. My husband snapping candid shots and us making wonderful memories as a family, plus sharing this moment with my mom and the three generations of us girls… it was a perfect afternoon.

Spending that quality time and enjoying the simple beauty around us really helps ground me and appreciate life and all I’ve been blessed with. It’s a great way to recharge and feel confident and happy.

Below are some of the ways I stay recharged and feeling good without spending money.


Whether I can take a full hour to enjoy a yoga flow or just take a few minutes to stretch and breathe, yoga calms me and pushes any negative energy and stress out. In those minutes it’s all about me and my body and positive vibes!


I LOVE to laugh, it’s my favorite. I think it’s important to be silly and learn to laugh at yourself. Let go of small stuff and have fun. Life is too short not to. Trust me, you will feel good!

Time with family

The best thing in the world is all the moments and memories made with your loved ones. My family and friends (which are an extension of my family) make me feel whole and ready to face anything that comes my way.


I think there is something so therapeutic about organizing and cleaning. Whether it’s rearranging furniture around, cleaning through old files/papers or spring-cleaning your closet; it feels good to get rid of things and start fresh!


Nothing boosts morale like a good workout. This is one of my favorite ways to clear my mind, recharge and feel strong.

I encourage you all to take time for yourself more often! Would love to know what that is for you?

Thank you for stopping by and reading!



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